Sleep Experts

Every leading brand champions a cause. 'A great night's sleep for all' is ours.

We can do this because we know sleep better than anyone else. Our knowledge is built through extensive research and investment plus a deep understanding of consumer insights and trends.

We have a family of brands that can and will deliver 'A great night's sleep for all'. No matter what your customer's life stage, our brands offer you a total solution, plus a quality guarantee that all our products comply with all regulations and legislation.

Taking a responsible approach

We understand our dependence and impact upon the world, and recognise the importance of sound environmental management. We are committed to quality, value, service, innovation and trust. Delivering this in a responsible way taking account of social, ethical and environmental issues is central to our business and what we stand for.

We are proud to say that Silentnight is a full member of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP), because we have shown such commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability across the business.

Minimising environmental impacts

Safe and environmentally friendly disposal of our products is a major consideration at the design stage. We ensure that many of the materials we use can be recycled and reused again, and we strongly believe in maximising recycling opportunities and diverting waste away from landfill.

Looking after the natural world

The Silentnight Group has also officially been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).  This ensures that the timber or fibre used in the divans and headboards comes from responsible sources, where trees harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. Looking after the planet is the responsibility of us all, we're proud to play our part.

Our commitment to quality

We operate an onsite lab where all our products are tested to meet British Standards.

Our commitment to social responsibility

• Reducing the impact on the environment and the communities we operate in

• Reducing Carbon emissions

• Reducing the energy consumedFSC resized

• Reducing waste to landfill

• Minimising packaging waste