Silentnight Group Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “MSA”), requires companies, which carry on business in the UK and have a global turnover of over £36 million, to disclose information detailing how they are tackling slavery and human trafficking in their supply chain. Silentnight Group is committed to ensuring, as far as possible, that our own business and our supply chain are aware of and addresses these issues.

Silentnight Group is the largest manufacturer of beds in the UK and is also a retailer. We operate out of two manufacturing sites and have a number of showrooms in the UK. We also have a digital office based in the centre of Manchester.

At Silentnight Group we recognise our responsibility, along with our suppliers, to operate in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. Silentnight Group is committed to ensuring there is transparency in its business and in its approach to tackling modern slavery throughout its supply chains. Silentnight Group expects the same high standards from all of its contractors, suppliers and other business partners.

At Silentnight Group we source our materials and products from suppliers across the UK, Europe and Asia. Silentnight Group ensure all our signed Supply Agreements include compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and these statements are updated annually.

Directors are responsible for the development and implementation of slavery and human trafficking policies and for monitoring the compliance of this policy by the business.

Silentnight Group has a written policy which strictly prohibits the use of modern slavery in the business or the supply chains; and the business does not trade with suppliers where they are aware of modern slavery within the suppliers’ business or supply chains.

Silentnight Group has in place policies and procedures which will identify potential risks of modern slavery in the suppliers business and in turn their supply chains; mitigate the risk of modern slavery occurring in our business and monitor potential risk areas in our business and supply chains.

Terms and conditions of purchase forbidding the use of modern slavery practices are adopted by Silentnight Group business and we will terminate a relationship with a supplier if modern slavery is detected.

This statement is approved on behalf of the board by Chief Operations Officer, Richard Loagan.